MiniSteam E, the smart way to humidify small and medium spaces

The new MiniSteam E from HygroMatik is the safe and smart solution for direct room humidification. An electrode humidifier, it operates with normal tap water to generate pure, mineral-free steam and is made from quality parts to guarantee a long service life.

For rooms or houses in which there is no centrally controlled air-conditioning system, the MiniSteam E offers an excellent and efficient alternative for humidification. Compact, it’s easy to install and mount on a wall, ensuring optimum humidity distribution in every room.

A maximum steam output of 5 or 10 kg/h makes the MiniSteam E just right for the humidification of small and medium offices, production and storage facilities.

Direct moisture perfectly distributed

The ventilation unit distributes hygienic steam evenly throughout the room to deliver effective humidification. Its steam output and space-saving dimensions makes the MiniSteam E ideal for climate humidification in small and medium-sized offices as well as production and storage rooms.

Down to the last detail

Durable and efficient, the MiniSteam E housing tray is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, just like its large-area electrodes. Both can be replaced without any tools. Maintenance is simple too. The unit cover can be completely removed and the reusable steam cylinder is easy to open and clean.

Everything regulated and under control

Precision technology means the MiniSteam E automatically adapts to the quality of the water provided. The MiniSteam has an LED display with an intuitive menu that gives the user a clear, easy to control and straightforward overview of all the important unit and process information.

Options for individual configuration

To meet the most diverse spatial conditions and project requirements the MiniSteam E can be equipped with additional options. For example, the steam humidifiers for direct room air humidification can be individually configured as required, whether that’s with the SuperFlush cylinder flushing device, the HyCool waste water cooling system or HyFlow for the protection of drinking water.

All MiniSteam E units have the VDE and GS test marks and are CE compliant.

For more information on the new MiniSteam E, please visit our website.

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