Mini PIR sensor

CP Electronics is launching what is believed to be the smallest PIR sensor in the world. In answer to the demand from luminaire manufacturers for occupancy detectors to incorporate in fittings, CP has developed the new Mini PIR Sensor in three different options.
The Basic unit provides occupancy sensing in the form of absence and presence detection. The Premium model has additional infra-red control, lux sensing and push button adjustment whilst the Direct Dim version offers full dimming control as well using DALI or DSI. All versions provide a host of energy-saving features to give a simple and cost-effective solution.
All versions of the product provide automatic presence detection control or manual absence detection control using a switch input. The Direct Dim version includes two switch inputs to allow manual control for absence detection, dimming up/down and override on/off. The use of a two-position momentary switch allows simple dimming with up and down dimming inputs rather than awkward single switch control.
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