Mini-Lynx Fast-Start

SLI Sylvania have just introduced a new range of Compact Fluorescent lamps, called Mini-Lynx Fast-Start. The introduction will be supported by the Save Energy – Save the Penguin campaign focusing on the environmental advantages of the new lamps.
The rapid reduction of polar ice packs and rising sea levels are directly related to global warming; the most urgent issue facing the world today. As an inhabitant of the Antarctic, the livelihood of the penguin is being threatened. By replacing traditional incandescent with Mini-Lynx Fast-Start, not only do we reduce CO2 emissions, slow down global warming and save the penguin, we can also save money on our energy bills.

Key features of Mini-Lynx Fast-Start lamps are:

o 80% energy savings, compared to standard incandescent light bulbs

o Very small dimensions, compared to standard incandescent light bulbs

o Instant flicker free start, with no switch delay

o Colours – Warm White, Cool White and Daylight

The campaign is being backed up with massive penguin inflatables and point of sale material.

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