Mikrofill’s extreme hws loading cylinder is now available with 6 bar capability

The pioneering ‘Extreme’ hot water loading cylinder from Mikrofill Systems Ltd can now deliver hot water upto 6 bar so the majority of buildings are now catered for.

The Wras approved stainless steel loading cylinders are available in 200, 300 & 500 litre models and can all accommodate 120kW of primary input at 80°C. The net result is an instantaneous secondary performance in excess of 2000 l/hr at 60°C on all models with the 500 litre model producing 2570 l/hr.

The Extreme is designed to operate at a ∆t of 30°C on the primary side therefore maximising a condensing boiler’s efficiency whilst initially loading and further producing 60°C instantaneous hot water. The Extreme also has an onboard automated/manual pasteurisation programme.

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