Mikrofill supply condensing boilers to Bedfordshire NHS Trust

Bedford hospital photoBedford Hospital NHS Trust is a 403 bed, high performing district general hospital committed to providing a caring and safe environment for its patients and staff. The trust provides a range of services to over 270,000 people predominantly in the north and mid Bedfordshire areas.

Following initial feasibility studies and financial appraisal, Eta Energy Systems Ltd prepared a full technical design with specification for the replacement of the existing CHP plant.

The proposal incorporated 3No Ethos 130kW stainless steel condensing boilers. Operating in conjunction with a CHP unit the boilers primarily serve the hospital’s HWS demand but are configured to provide heat into the main system when hot water requirements are at a minimum. The condensing boilers have a 30 > 1 modulation across a total of 390kW delivering unsurpassed load matching to the LTHW and HWS circuits.

The scheme was fully sequenced to ensure that the LTHW  boilers serve heating in preference to the existing steam to LTHW exchangers. This in turn takes load off the central steam plant and improves overall system efficiency.

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