Midea make more a/c units than anyone else!

The Worlds No. 1 air conditioning manufacturer Midea is now in the UK, and fully supported by their sole distributor, F G Europe (UK) Ltd.  Midea have an extensive range of equipment, including a full range of R32 and VRF, and all backed by a no-quibble 10 Year Warranty!

Midea make more a/c units than anyone else! Established in 1968, Midea is a publicly listed Fortune 500 company and one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning and HVAC equipment in the world. Midea have grown to be the Worlds No 1 brand of HVAC Products, generating annual revenue of more than USD28 billion. 1 in every 5 air conditioning systems are manufactured by Midea which has resulted in over 12,000,000 export sales annually.

By buying Midea, you access a whole host of unique opportunities as an installer, including…

Mi Pro Partnerbespoke business plans tailored to YOUR needs.

We understand that not all our customers have the same needs in growing their business, but if we can help our partners meet their needs then both of our businesses can grow.

All our Mi-Pro Partners can qualify for contributions of £6000 per annum if this money is spent on supporting mutual growth. Payments can be made against any of the following…


Mi-Business is your business… please let us know how else we can help.

Up to £500 a month towards YOUR vanor whatever YOU need for your business

Refrigerant Contribution Scheme – 2018 will see the industries single largest phase down of refrigerants containing high GWP and we have already seen the impact of this in the form of huge refrigerant price increases. From February 2018, Midea will be one of the first manufacturers to offer a complete line up of low GWP R32 refrigerant split and multi split products. To support this period of change R32 products will be set at the same cost as its R410a products. From launch FG Europe will also be offering its UK ‘Mi Partners’ refrigeration contributions of £32/kg on R410a products and £12/kg on R32 products. Contributions will be paid for by FG Europe up to the maximum piping length of every split and multi split air conditioning system sold.

Our units deliberately have charge for up to 5m to avoid needing to vac out on most installs, but we supply up to 65m for free for your install if needed


The UK’s 1st 10 Year Warranty – FG UK are launching a unique and attractive ‘MI Partner’ programme offering 10-year warranty on Midea products, this gives the original installer the opportunity to offer the same level of care during a long-term maintenance as they did during installation. FG UK are also supporting its partners with a contribution towards first year service costs to help their partners secure long term maintenance contracts.

Competitively Priced Equipmenttest us to see how our pricing can work on your project.

Full R32 Range for 2018! With immediate effect, we are fully stocked with a complete R32 splits range which is being offered at the same price as R410a.

HUGE VRF Range! With over 95 units in the Midea VRF range, there is always the solution to meet your project. Contact our team to see how Midea can be a perfect technical and also cost solution to any VRF project e: sales@mideauk.co.uk

Next Day Deliveryfor any Midea units you need on site or to your offices urgently, just contact us before 1pm that day for FREE next day delivery.

FG Europe (UK) Ltd are the sole distributor of Midea products in the UK and have dedicated technical teams and sales offices set up in London and Newcastle to support their installers and projects. FGE pride themselves on their super-fast quote service, so please put us to the test and get in touch for new quotes or comparison quotes on your projects.

We would love to talk to you to find out how we can help YOU with what YOU need. Get in touch and see how Midea are approaching the UK market differently, and putting the installer needs very much at the forefront.


Solely Distributed in the UK by F G Europe (UK) Ltd.,
Contaact:  sales@fgeuropeuk.co.uk
Tel:            0191 2636367
Website:   http://www.mideauk.co.uk

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