MID approved rotary gas flow meters

MRM Rotary gas flow meters are now available in the UK exclusively from Bell Flow Systems. Manufactured by Metreg Technologies who offers a complete product range for fiscal and non-fiscal gas flow measurement for industrial and commercial applications.

The MRM rotary displacement gas flow meter is designed for fiscal metering of natural gas and is approved according to the European requirements of EN12480, MID (2004/22/EG) and OIML R137-1 & 2: 2012. It is suitable for installation in hazardous areas of Category 2 (Zone 1) II 2 G c IIC T4 X. The MRM rotary displacement gas meter is suitable for the following gases: Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, ethylene, air, nitrogen, with further gases on request.

The lifetime durability of the MRM rotary gas meter is very stable due to the precision ball bearings “Made in Germany” along with the high precision machining of the body and all moving parts. After machining all Aluminium parts are hard anodised for reduced friction and higher resistance to mechanical wear and tear or chemical attack. Utilizing the LF of HF pulser (reed contact) the volume pulse output sensors allow for remote monitoring, data recording and linking with Building Management Systems (BMS) as well as with gas volume correctors (EVCs) and our ATEX telemetry systems.

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