MHS Boilers is king of the castle

MHS Boilers, part of Elco Heating Solutions, has supplied Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent with three 85kW Thision L boilers complete with a matched cascade frame and connection set, cascade controls, Pisces pressurisation unit and a Gemini 300i high output calorifier. The installation was part of an extensive upgrade of the holiday accommodation at the well-known tourist attraction, with the boilers being fitted in the boiler house serving the Stable Courtyard bedrooms and Garden House.

The installation is the first part of an on-going scheme to reduce fuel costs and improve hot water delivery at Leeds Castle. The new boiler system was designed and installed by Rochester-based heating company H.O.B. Mechanical Services Ltd. The company’s Director, Ken Hornby, explained: “Not only was the previous boiler installation badly laid-out, it was over 20 years old and extremely inefficient; in fact, it was unserviceable. Fortunately, I knew that the Thision L boilers from MHS would be the perfect replacement as they are exceptionally quiet and have flexible flueing arrangements.”

Lower fuel bills

He continued: “Having fitted Thision L boilers on a number of other projects, I was aware of their efficiency – which should result in much lower fuel bills for Leeds Castle. All in all, the simplicity of the set-up, combined with the excellent commissioning service resulted in an uncomplicated yet impressive installation.”

The Thision L range of low NOx emission premix gas fired, high efficiency, wall-hung condensing boilers from MHS has outputs from 48kW to 145kW. Featuring a double helix stainless steel heat exchanger, the boilers have a high turndown rate of 6:1, affording the potential for accurate output-to-load matching.

The double helix stainless steel heat exchanger at the heart of the Thision L combines high quality materials and ingenious engineering to produce a highly efficient appliance. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the heat exchanger is highly resistant to corrosion and material degradation and will maintain efficiency over its lifetime.

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