MHIE meets the Metro spec

The small footprint, high efficiency design of new generation VRF systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE) is proving an ideal heating and cooling option for Newcastle’s Haymarket Metro redevelopment project.

The city’s 1980 metro station is being replaced by a four-storey steel and glass building boasting office space and retail facilities. The building’s elegant design means that there are no large flat roof spaces, so the plant area had to be kept to a minimum. MHIE distributor, 3D Air, has provided Hadrian Air Conditioning of Washington with equipment to meet the varied needs of office and retail space with the smallest possible plant area.

Initial design was by Ove Arup & Partners, but the mechanical services contractor H.Malone and Sons, with Hadrian as part of the design team, had to produce a solution that would prove efficient and cost-effective, taking into account the constraints of the city centre building.

The project’s heating and cooling requirements are met by nine MHIE KX VRF systems concealed from view from street level. These feed a total of 68 indoor units which are a mix of cassette and floor standing types. Floor standing units are used on the upper storey because the design of the building means there is no ceiling space for built-in indoor units.

Brian Buxton of Hadrian says that the MHIE range has met all their requirements: “We have been able to do everything that the developers required with the MHIE VRF systems.  The added bonus is that we could offer a smaller plant area which fitted well with the design constraints of the business.”

3D Air managing director, Richard Ward says many developers are taking the opportunity to create new useable office and retail space in city centres when infrastructure is upgraded or replaced. He comments:  “Frequently this requires ingenious design of buildings to make best use of a small area.  The smaller footprint required and the high efficiency of MHIE systems makes them ideal for this type of application.”

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