MHG boilers create warm feeling for Wimbledon charity

MHG Wimbledon GuildIn upgrading and refurbishing the plant room at Guild House in Wimbledon, heating specialist Industraheat selected three ProCon 77 gas condensing boilers from MHG Heating to replace the existing heating plant. MHG also supplied an expansion vessel, a System Pressure Manager and a flexible flue system.

Guild House is the headquarters of The Wimbledon Guild, a charitable organisation that aims to help local people meet a better life by tackling poverty, supporting ageing and encouraging mental well-being.

Industraheat’s Robin Scottow recalled: “The existing boilers at Guild House were proving unreliable and difficult to control, resulting in inefficient performance and rising operational costs. The Wimbledon Guild was keen to install a system that would not just be more reliable but also more efficient in support of the organisation’s commitment to sustainability.”

The project involved extensive refurbishment of the plant room to a design by consulting engineers McCarthy Bainbridge and included installation of new pumps, pipework and a new Trend building management system as well as the new heating system. A major challenge for Industraheat was that the domestic hot water supply needed to be maintained throughout the project.

The compact design of the ProCon 77kW wall-mounted boilers has enabled a high heating capacity to be achieved while minimising the space required in the roof top plant room.

Robin Scottow added: “We have always found MHG equipment to be of high quality and very reliable, and the service is second to none. The Wimbledon Guild is very pleased with the results at Guild House and is now considering upgrading the heating plant in another property.”

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