Metrel vehicle charging adapter tests the whole system

Metrel, the innovator in electrical test solutions, has a vehicle charging point test adapter to help contractors increase their share of an exponentially growing market.

The EVSE Adapter A 1532 plugs directly into charge points without opening the box. One of the immediate advantages is that the adapter accesses the charge point in the same manner as an electric vehicle so testing the system as whole. It can thoroughly test the charge point by simulating the electric vehicle status, disconnected, charge ready, active charging (with and without ventilation) and pilot error just by turning a switch. The EVSE Adaptor can test installations with output currents up to 63A.

From the first of January, vehicle charging points can be protected by either a RCD type B or a “RCD type A and appropriate equipment that ensures disconnection of the supply in case of a DC fault above 6 mA” according to the 18th Edition. While many testers can check type B RCDs, only Metrel is able to test the 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC called for in the 18th Edition.

While this adapter will work with all Metrel installation testers the optimal performance is gained when used with the MI 3152, which offers Auto Sequence® testing and leads the test engineer through the procedure ensuring that all the measurements have been taken to complete a certificate.

The A 1532 EVSE adapter can connect any installation tester to a charge point via a BS 1363 socket, and all 3-phases are accessible for individual tests using the standard 4 mm connections. Connection to the charge point is via the type 2 male plug.



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