Memera consumer units

The feature-packed MEM Memera Consumer Unit range has been redesigned and expanded.  It now includes units developed specifically to overcome problems faced by installers endeavouring to meet the requirements of the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671), in particular the need for more wiring space when units are fitted with RCBO protection of individual outgoing circuits.

Electrical contractors have found that conventional consumer units do not allow enough space for wiring when RCBOs are fitted instead of MCBs to protect individual outgoing circuits.  The range now includes an 11-way consumer unit designed specifically to take RCBOs and yet allow generous space for wiring above the devices.  Individual RCBOs  offer the highest possible level of personal protection demanded by BS 7671.

Other advanced features that have long distinguished the Memera 2000AD units are retained.  These include the unique snappable busbar that allows on-site configuration of split-load units, a removable pan assembly that simplifies installation, and extremely flexible cut-out provision for cable entry in the rear of the moulded units.

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