Megaman reduce energy consumption

Energy saving lamps from Megaman (UK) Limited have been used to retrofit into existing fittings at St Davids Hotel and Spa in Cardiff, in order to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. The St David’s Hotel & Spa is a luxurious 5-star property located in Cardiff, just five minutes from the heart of the city and next to the Mermaid Quay. The modern building that houses the hotel is located in a landmark in Cardiff, incorporating a stunning glassbacked atrium from floor to ceiling.
There are 132 guestrooms, all tastefully decorated and featuring balconies overlooking the sea, plus meeting rooms and spa facilities that include a swimming pool, marine hydrotherapy pools and a gym.
Following a recommendation from Sion Browne at CEF in Cardiff, Megaman’s 7W Ping Pong lamps have been used to replace 40W GLS lamps in the wall lights in the guest bedrooms; there are 132 with four wall lights per room. The compact dimensions of the Ping Pong make it ideal for use in smaller, more decorative luminaires, whilst the specially designed translucent housing allows an all-round 360º illumination with excellent light output.
With a lamp life of 15,000 hours, the Ping Pong lamp lasts 15 times longer than the equivalent incandescent. The 25W lamps in the shaver/mirror lights have been replaced by Megaman’s 5W Liliput lamps. Offering a remarkably high lumen output, the lamps in the Liliput range are the world’s smallest lamps.
Savings of £2,827.41 will be achieved per annum in the guest bedrooms and £285.60 in the shaver units. These figures are based on an average 7p/kWh for six hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotel also had a problem with lighting circuits tripping when the original bulbs failed, leaving the guest without lights. The installation of low energy Megaman lamps has cured this problem and removed the inconvenience it caused. The new lamps have also created the right ambience in the rooms, giving an attractive quality of illumination to wall and ceiling surfaces.

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