Megaman launch new catalogue

Megaman UK has released a new concept in catalogues. Split into two distinct sections, the 2008 catalogue details the company’s energy efficient lamps on one side and, when turned over, highlights the Fozz Lighting range of products, that provide flexible, energy saving lighting solutions for a wide range of domestic and leisure applications.
Megaman is fully committed to minimising its own environmental impact and contributing to sustainability through its products. Megaman lamps have a longer life than conventional CFLs, so fewer lamps are disposed of each year, whilst its manufacturing processes are fully compliant with environmental legislation and industry codes of practice.
The chic and innovative Fozz range of products provide flexible lighting solutions at a very competitive price for a wide range of domestic and leisure applications. All the luminaires in the Fozz range combine expertise in contemporary design along with energy saving potential by utilising Megaman’s energy efficient lamps.
Simple and intuitive navigation is central to the catalogue concept which, in addition to detailed product descriptions and photography, provides technical information on everything from lamp types, lighting performance and cost of ownership to advice on installation.
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