Megaman joins 10:10 campaign

Megaman is part of a drive to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in one year by making the company part of the solution to climate change. As one of the first companies to sign up for 10:10, which is a national drive to cut carbon emissions by 10% during 2010, Megaman has made a commitment to pull out all the stops and reduce its carbon footprint and also get its staff, customers and suppliers involved.

Many organisations have now signed up for 10:10 because in addition to building a better future, using less energy will increase profits now as the bills shrink and in the future, when laws will force everyone else to catch up. Four key areas are being targeted by 10:10; electricity, on-site fuel use, road transport and air travel, in addition to finding other ways to reduce harder to measure emissions. 

The Energy Saving Trust and The Carbon Trust have agreed to help people to reach their 10:10 by providing advice about energy saving measures through their free help-lines and websites. Megaman’s Managing Director, John Murphy, commented: “At Megaman we are lucky that we are able to not only reduce our own carbon footprint but help others reduce theirs by using our energy saving lamps. As a company with a strong environmental ethic we are proud to be a part of this initiative”.

The environmental impact of Megaman’s activities is minimised by the use of recyclable materials, water based adhesives, minimal packaging and silicone sleeves to eliminate chemical etching all contribute to minimum environmental impact. In addition, all Megaman facilities are designed to be energy efficient, by using electronic document management to reduce paper consumption, plus ensuring the recycling of all office consumables.

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