Meeting the energy needs

As part of a wide range of innovative products, this year has seen the launch of the TVC Ethos Eco-Mode control system from the UK based manufacturer of lift components and control systems, LiftStore.
Designed to offer significant energy savings, central to the Ethos system is an adjustable velocity control module (VCOM) which allows for energy efficient lift movements in times of low demand – on return or homing journeys, for example. This is offered with the option of a regeneration drive which converts braking energy into power that can be redelivered to the mains. Ethos also offers an escalating three way energy conservation setting, incorporating snooze, sleep and hibernate modes. This allows non-essential components such as car lights, fans, indicators & transformers to be turned off and then reactivated at the press of a call button or, automatically, by time of day.

LiftStore’s Sales Director, Eamonn Reid, commented on the merits of the Ethos control system: “We have received a great deal of interest, particularly from healthcare sectors and housing associations. Ethos gives users the comfort of knowing that, through the E-Director system, Ethos can be locally or remotely controlled, helping to ensure an efficient, flexible, safe and reliable service. Also, for users to be able to achieve an energy saving of up to 30% compared to a standard lift control system is a huge benefit giving a cost saving as well as a reduction in the size of your carbon footprint.”

Providing ease of use and versatility, as well as energy efficiency, the Ethos system can be used in all applications – from a two floor simplex, right through to high-speed group systems. A major advantage with the system is its remote operator control features – EDirector which allows for management via intranet or internet, as well as E-TXT mobile phone SMS text messages which instantly inform the nominated manager of any change of lift status. This is vital in developments that see twenty four hour use but where a facilities manager may not be on site at all times – perhaps in a supported housing or sheltered accommodation complex.

It is this versatility that sets Ethos apart from other control systems. Ethos is easily configured by the facilities manager to meet the developing needs of the building and can provide instant feedback on performance and operating efficiency.

Eamonn added: “Ethos is now the market leading control system and has fast earned a reputation for absolute reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness amongst engineers and specifiers. We are so confident in Ethos that it is supported by an unparalleled three year parts and labour warranty. Plus, the 95% standby power saving made possible by the multiple hibernation settings really is a fantastic attribute, when customers are considering energy consumption levels.”

The Ethos controller unit is easy to install and its modular design ensures maximum flexibility and compatibility across a range of lift cars. The modular nature of the Ethos controller also makes for low maintenance costs as well as giving the option for simple system expansion in the future.

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