Maximum kitchen venting

A design breakthrough has enabled Fläkt Woods to launch an upgraded version of its MaXfan range, contained within a single case specifically designed for high pressure commercial kitchen canopy extraction systems. The new fans have volume flows of up to 4m³/s and generate pressure of up to 600Pa.
Because the catering sector must meet higher air quality regulations than standard building exhausts, due to the type of contaminated air produced by cooking food, these new fans are expected to prove an immediate success. All casings are hot dipped galvanised and the motors come as standard with IP55 and overheat protection.

Fläkt Woods engineers were able to develop the new MaXfan, a single phased axial fan (a 3 phase is also available) with an electronic speed controller which has been optimised for pressure. Diameters range from 400mm – 630mm and static pressures are up to 600 Pa. Larger volumes and pressures are available with the Contra Rotating Axials up to 17.0 m³/s & 2000Pa all controllable.

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