Maximise energy saving

Finder has launched a pair of digital weekly time switches providing an astrological programming capability enabling switching according to local sunrise and sunset times. These are automatically calculated from user input of current date, time and either local longitude and latitude or nearest major city.

Additions to the Finder 12 Series of digital and mechanical daily and weekly time switches, the 12.91 and 12.92 timers also adjust automatically for local daylight saving times, removing the need for site visits to cater for seasonal changeovers.  An offset function allows switching times to be set that are plus or minus a specific period from the astrological time.

Respectively single and two channel models, with 16A 250VAC changeover outputs, the 12.91 and 12.92 timers will directly switch lamp loads up to 2kW.  These highly flexible timers support up to 60 on/off output switching events, programmable to the nearest minute and impulse outputs programmable from one second through to 59 minutes 59 seconds.

Provided in a compact 35mm DIN rail mounted enclosure and featuring a widescreen LCD display with intuitive programming interface, the two timers will suit a variety of consumer unit or control panel applications.

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