Maximise condensing efficiency

The Avant-garde collection of fan convectors from Dunham Bush offers significant energy savings over conventional fan convectors without sacrificing comfort and performance.

Specially designed for use with condensing boilers, the Avant-garde range is configured to operate with lower flow and return temperatures (55°C flow, 35°C return at peak loads) to maximise energy savings through condensing. Additional savings are achieved by reducing pumping energy by up to 87%, while an optional brushless DC motor reduces electrical power consumption by up to 50% compared to standard motors.

The combination of low water content and low thermal mass of the units ensures a rapid response to changing conditions, while the low return temperature reduces standing heat losses from pipes.

Avant-garde variants are available for Dunham Bush Series AM (in-room units) and Series BM (concealed units) models, offering the same duties, options and features, including a wide range of control options.

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