MAXIBLUE PRO- A stress-free solution for architects and product specification

The MAXIBLUE® PRO package is a stress-free solution designed especially for architects and product
specification. Containing every single component that is necessary to run a condensate line from an
AC unit’s drain pan to the drain stack, the MAXIBLUE® PRO allows specifiers to confidently tender a
complete condensate removal package. This negates the need to list a dozen individual parts on a spec
sheet, saving time and money in one useful bundle.

The MAXIBLUE® PRO package utilises the BLUEDIAMOND® MAXIBLUE® condensate pump, renowned
for its exceptional, reliable performance, in an efficient silhouette. The MAXIBLUE® uses the patented
Rotary Diaphragm pumping principle that has spearheaded recent technical revolutions in condensate
removal, medical and many other fields. Totally self-priming, offering advertised flow even in high lift
and high head applications, and designed to tolerate high humidity environments, the MAXIBLUE®
only senses when water is present, offering an energy efficient drainage solution for condensate
removal. Furthermore, the pump can be mounted in any orientation and is exceptionally quiet with
no vibration, making it ideal for installations where low noise levels are key.

The MAXIBLUE® PRO package is as hassle-free post construction, as it is during specification. Thanks
to the inherent reliability of the MAXIBLUE® pump, the whole package comes with a blanket 3-year
warranty, covering both the pump, but also the hose, clips, mountings, and adaptors. With every
aspect of the condensate removal process simply guaranteed in a single entity, the MAXIBLUE® PRO
is a true, one-time, ‘spec and forget’ solution.

Already employed in some of the brightest residential and commercial developments across the
planet, the MAXIBLUE® PRO package is globally empowering architects and specifiers to eliminate the
trivialities and focus instead on what they do best, developing our future.
The MAXIBLUE® PRO package contains:
1x MAXIBLUE® condensate pump, 1x Reservoir, 2x Mounting feet, 1x Flexible stepped adapter, 1x
Rigid stepped adapter, 1x 24m discharge hose, 1x Drain Pipe adaptor, 2x Unex hose clips.

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