Mark joins BEST

Leading training provider BEST Ltd has appointed Mark Baxter, as the new Chief Operations Officer (COO), based at their head office in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.
Mark brings a broad range of relevant experience and skills to the role of COO including importing British Construction Materials into the Middle East during the 1970’s, running his own businesses over a 14 year period including a Business Consultancy, working as Head of Business Improvement Services at CITB/ConstructionSkills and Director of Operations of the Government’s TrustMark scheme. He sat on the Sector Skill Council’s Leadership and Management Board and has worked in the area of Construction Training and Government for several years.
As the inventor of the Supply Chain Readiness Model which is currently being employed by a range of Local Authorities to engage, train and develop their local Construction suppliers, Mark has demonstrated an inclusive and innovative approach to construction business improvement which he hopes will bring a sharper focus on customer service to BEST.
“These are challenging times for our customers and my immediate objective is to ensure we are working as smartly and efficiently as possible to give them the best available service”

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