Making light work of distribution

Ability to work with the electrical contractor in developing solutions to the energy metering and lighting control needs of a new multi-purpose conference and function centre helped Eaton win the order for electrical distribution equipment and lighting controls for the new Orsett Hall Hotel Pavilion near Grays in Essex.  
A gross floor area of just over 500m2, dictated the need for metering of principal loads to account for energy use. This would have added considerably to the cost if the boards had been specially built to incorporate separate metering of lighting and small power loads.  
However, Eaton offered the contractor, Essex Electrical Services, a split load meter pack which sits below two of its Memshield 2 distribution boards to provide separate metering of supplies to each board. At Orsett Hall there are two 200A 24-way TPN boards, one serving lighting loads and the other serving single-phase and three-phase loads including ring circuits, air-handling plant, kitchen equipment etc. In addition to the price advantage of using a ready-made meter pack, there was an installation advantage in that the two Memshield 2 boards are fed by a single incoming cable via a rotary disconnect switch.
Eaton was also able to provide a cost-effective solution to lighting control needs in the Pavilion using its Studio 2 and Studio 3 dimming systems. The lighting installation includes a mixture of high-frequency compact fluorescent lighting and low voltage tungsten halogen downlighters. The main function area, the 300-seat Grahame Thomas Pavilion is used for a variety of purposes including wedding receptions, christenings, dinner dances and school proms. This called for a flexible lighting control scheme. The Pavilion is also designed so that it can be sub-divided into two separate areas. 
Eaton drew up a scheme that offers four different pre-determined lighting scenes in each area. A simple key-operated switch allows these to be operated as a single integrated system or as two systems. Special care had to be taken to avoid problems with colour mis match between the CFL and LV lighting when dimmed. In addition a control, linked to the fire alarm system, brings all lighting up to maximum power in the event of a fire alarm.
Elsewhere in the installation, Eaton supplied a 400A changeover switch at the main supply position to allow for the later addition of an emergency generator. There are a number of Glasgow fuse-switch-disconnectors and Exel switch-disconnector-fuse units and two smaller Memshield 2 distribution boards in the complex. Eaton wiring accessories were also specified for use throughout the building.

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