Making control easy

Four new digital and analogue I/O modules and three new CANopen modules are the latest additions to the popular range of Easy control products from Eaton’s Moeller Business. The new modules further extend the versatility of the Easy system, which is already well known for combining ease of use with flexibility and value for money.

The new EASY410 digital I/O modules offer six inputs and four outputs, and are available in both transistor and relay output versions. For users requiring analogue I/O, EASY406 modules provide two ten-bit analogue inputs, which can be configured for 0-10 V, 0-20 mA or Pt100 operation, plus a single 0-10 V analogue output, while EASY411 modules feature six configurable ten-bit analogue inputs, plus two 0-10 V analogue outputs.

Both of the new analogue modules additionally provide one digital input and two digital transistor outputs. All of the new modules are suitable for local operation or, when used in conjunction with the EASY200-EASY expansion module, to provide remote I/O at distance of up to 30 metres from the main control device.

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