Making AHU documentation more sustainable and accessible

Swegon is working to make its business more sustainable. One small step the company is taking is to reduce the use of printed paper sent out with products.

As of October 1st, operations & maintenance instructions for Swegon’s GOLD, Silver C & Compact range of air handling units will be offered electronically instead of printed.​

The operations and maintenance instructions for Swegon’s air handling units will be digitally available on the Swegon website, and accessed by scanning a QR code on the unit.

With instant access to all documentation related each product, customers will always be able to access the most up to date versions, as well as being able to access the AHU instructions in their chosen language.

Swegon are reducing the use of printed paper as part of their sustainability efforts. By doing this, the company can help save an equivalent of around 11 tonnes of CO2 per year. ​

To put this into perspective, 1,7 million A4 sheets is equivalent to ~11 tonnes of CO2and requires 3,100 tonnes of woodas resource (where 750,000 L watercould be saved in paper production)

  • The average UK citizen caused 5.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year 2016​
  • 11 tonnes of CO2 equivalent is the same as 2.4 petrol passenger cars in the UK driving for 1 year​
  • 7 million A4 sheets equal 70 trees

​Safety and installation instructions will still be sent out with each AHU (GOLD, Silver C & Compact), however operations & maintenance instructions can be digitally accessed via the Swegon website, or by scanning the QR code on each unit.

By scanning the QR code with a mobile device, customers will be able to access instructions in their chosen language. Customers can also search documents by order number or serial unit number on the Swegon website.

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