Make sense of water waste

Specifiers can gain BREEAM credits by paying particular attention to the use of water in their buildings. Cistermiser’s Sensazone helps to fulfil the automatic sanitary water supply shut off demanded by BREEAM Wat 4. This means it can help to gain additional credits, removes the risk of significant water wastage as a result of leaks or damage and also saves costs for the end user.

Sensazone from Cistermiser is an innovative solution to washroom water wastage caused by damage, negligence or vandalism. It uses an infrared sensor to control the flow of water into any washroom with solenoid valves.

By installing the sensor near the entrance to the washroom, which is complemented by a solenoid valve at the entry point of the water supply in accordance with the pipe layout, water can be effectively controlled and water waste avoided.

Not only does Cistermiser’s Sensazone enable specifiers and end users of any washroom to gain additional BREEAM credits under Wat 4, it also removes the risk of water wastage, cutting down on bills and reducing environmental impact.

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