Major breakthrough for Lindab Solus

© Tolust & Yellon, 2015

Solus, Lindab’s new chilled beam system offers significant energy saving compared to conventional active chilled beam systems. By pairing Solus with renewable energy sources up to 45% energy saving can be realised. Little wonder then that the architects of Sweden’s new and exciting office building, the Round House, chose Lindab Solus to provide a comfortable indoor climate.

“We wanted to create something truly special” explains Gunnar Järvhammar from the building contractor Tolust. “This building, with its large glazed areas, puts high demands on the indoor climate solution. We want to achieve a consistent temperature throughout the entire building round the clock, and create a pleasant environment for our tenants.”

Consultant FS Service also realised what Solus had to offer. “Solus met Tolust’s requirements for an indoor climate system and we immediately realised it was very interesting indeed.” “Solus feels like a very exciting solution. It is clearly the future of indoor climate systems,” Gunnar Järvhammar of Tolust concludes.

Solus temperature-equalising chilled beam system creates a stable temperature in all rooms of a building by re-using the thermal energy in the building’s water circuit, moving energy from cooled to heated rooms. Major energy gains can be realised by combining Solus with renewable energy sources.

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