Mains to generator and back again

Increasing problems with the reliability of electrical power supply in the winter have increased the use of generators, especially in facilities such as hospitals, factories and isolated farms, country houses etc.
Having a Katko Changeover Switch in place is therefore essential to ensure complete safety during changeovers between mains supply to generator and subsequently, back again to mains supply. To cope with all power supply emergencies and their potential risks in industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications, specialist safety switch manufacturer, Katko, offers a comprehensive range of Changeover Switches from 25A to 200A to safely connect/disconnect generators to mains power supplies.

Katko Changeover Switches are available in polycarbonate or steel for regular or heavy-duty applications.

Compact and competitively priced, Katko switches are also designed with a central off position for a failsafe changeover connection at all times.

Katko has more than 60 years specialist experience in the design and manufacture of safety switches.

Katko Changeover Switches are featured in the Company’s new catalogue.

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