Luceco lights The Pines Special School, Birmingham

Complete LED lighting solution supplied by Luceco for new school buildings.

Luceco has recently supplied a complete LED lighting solution for new buildings at The Pines Special School in Birmingham.  The Pines is a primary school facility educating pupils with communication issues, providing the foundations for future learning.

Facility and maintenance contractors, Air Cool Engineering Midlands were responsible for the luminaire installation at The Pines using square and circular LuxPanels as well as Academy luminaires.   Fixed output and dimmable LuxPanels were used in classrooms offering up to 50,000 hours of energy saving, maintenance free life.  Circular LuxPanels were used in corridors with IP65 versions being fitted in cloakrooms and WC’s.

Academy is designed to be an ideal replacement for linear fluorescent fittings, particularly in classrooms, offices, circulation areas and corridors. Selected Academy luminaires installed were fitted with an integral microwave sensor to further reduce energy consumption.  With the corridor function selected, the sensor adjusts the light level to 10% of the normal level when the space is unoccupied.

The Pines Special School encourages their pupils to value themselves by ensuring that all their achievements are rewarded. Also rewarding are the cost savings of LED energy efficient luminaries now enjoyed at The Pines Special School in Birmingham.

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