Low wattage Ventronic

Venture Lighting’s new Low Wattage Ventronic is the new and innovative electronic ballast for use with 20W to 150W lamps, with a number of advanced features that improve performance and lamp life.
Suitable for use with high pressure sodium and metal halide light sources, Low Wattage Ventronic has universal lamp compatibility enabling it to operate existing lamps of all brands. Low Wattage Ventronic is silent in operation and ‘kind’ to electrodes so that switching frequency does not affect lamp life or cause the arc tube blackening associated with conventional control gear, thus resulting in longer lamp life and greater lumen maintenance. Improved lumen maintenance is also achieved with Low Wattage Ventronic, as the Optimum Electrode Temperature is reached much faster, with a typical warm up time of 30-40 seconds compared to the 2-3 minutes of conventional control gear.
Low Wattage Ventronic has been conformal coated to make it suitable for exterior applications and can be mounted remotely at a distance of up to 25 metres. It is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for use in display and recessed downlights, in addition to mini floodlights and amenity lighting.

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