Low energy ventilation

The new high efficiency Xcell 270 MVHR unit and the low energy Premier LV UltraDC fan have been unveiled by Xpelair. As the drive for low energy homes gathers pace, Xpelair have launched two new products designed to exceed the latest rules.
Part L of the building regulations requires greater levels of air-tightness to reduce energy loss in new homes; so the need for Xpelair’s range of intelligently controlled ventilation has never been greater.

Xpelair’s new Xcell 270 is the latest generation of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery unit or MVHR. It simultaneously saves energy and improves air quality, and is accredited to meet the requirements of SAP Appendix Q, the Government standard for MVHR. Only accredited products improve the carbon performance of a building.

Simple to install in an airing cupboard or loft, this latest Xpelair MVHR unit delivers a constant flow of fresh ‘tempered’ air to the living spaces of increasingly air-tight homes, whilst extracting condensation, smells, smoke and other compounds. The reduced humidity also deprives dust mites of the conditions required to breed; contributing to a healthier environment.

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