Low cost touchscreen

Schneider Electric has launched its new compact HMI with a 3.9 inch touchscreen in recognition of the need for simple installation, integration and programming of ever more complicated machines, yet at low cost.

The Magelis XBTRT511 has user configurable membrane keys; graphics with an extensive symbols library (built into the application software); bar graphs, gauges, trend graphs, bitmaps and scrolling text; with up to 16mm high characters for easy reading.  Up to 10 lines of 33 characters per screen can be accommodated with a touch grid on screen of 11 x 5 cells. Patented spring-loaded fixing clips speed installation and also ensure the integrity of the HMI’s IP65 seal and its global certifications, which include ATEX Zones 2 & 22.

The new HMI has enhanced diagnostics with tri-colour backlight for machine or process status indication; an integral alarm LED; as well as buzzer and status LEDs on the keys. It also boasts enhanced connectivity with Schneider Electric protocols Unitelway and Modbus, as well as having third party drivers for Mitsubishi, Omron, Rockwell, and Siemens PLCs.

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