Low cost system unveiled

Tyco Safety Products Fire Suppression Group has launched a new low-cost Hygood CO2 high pressure system that incorporates the latest container, valve and nozzle design enhancements, and offers easy integration with the latest fire detection and alarm systems.
It is suitable for the total flooding of a wide variety of applications, particularly IT and telecommunications installations and switchgear enclosures, as well as being utilised for local application to protect a variety of non-enclosed hazards. However, the toxic nature of CO2 means that total flooding systems should be used only for unmanned installations, with appropriate safety lock-off devices.

The new Hygood offering is an engineered system that uses individual premium-build steel storage containers of 16kg, 23kg, 34kg and 45kg capacity that can be manifold-linked together to enable rapid, simultaneous discharge. The gas is stored under pressure and is piped to the protected enclosure, where it is released via a network of piping and strategically located discharge nozzles, the position and type of which have been determined by the system design. The container valves can be opened automatically, and two or more hazard areas can be protected with a single group of containers.

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