Low carbon lighting

The first product launch from new exterior lighting company Paviom is the distinctive and futuristic Lofoot family – a unique range of lighting modules. Designed by eco-designer Jason Thawley, the range provides an energy efficient and low carbon footprint lighting solution that is 90% recyclable.

Highly visual, the Lofoot range of lighting modules represent what Paviom is all about: fresh and original design with a strong environmental focus. Taking inspiration from the organic form, the Lofoot family provides a totally unique look as each Lofoot lighting module offers a distinctive bud-like aesthetic to enhance an exterior landscape.

This bud-like appearance is a result of the modular capsule concept that is the design signature of the Lofoot range. Jason Thawley, eco designer and creative engineer who designed Lofoot commented on the environmental credentials of the product: “Eco-design shouldn’t just stop at one feature – it should encompass everything from the energy used in manufacturing the product to the materials used and the long term energy use, in order to reduce the impact on the environment through design – and that’s exactly what we achieved with Lofoot.”


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