Low carbon grease control

Extechnology’s patented EXE 12 UV-C technology is designed to offer a low carbon solution to the rising number of complaints regarding nuisance odours from commercial kitchen extract systems. With the EXE 12 unit’s UV-C tubes mounted outside the ductwork the tubes pose no resistance to air flow allowing air movement systems to maintain their efficiency.

Used in a variety of air cleaning applications for more than 20 years, UV-C technology works by oxidising the odour and grease particulate, permanently destroying and altering the compounds. Comprising 12 UV-C tubes, the Extechnology EXE 12 unit controls odour and grease by producing ozone a powerful oxidant which interacts with most pollutants such as odour, bacteria, mould, mildew and grease.

The unit is specially designed to maximise the generation of ozone through its UV-C tubes in combination with the EXE 12’s patented titanium plated walls. The ozone produced in the Extechnology unit is introduced into the extract system and a breakdown of the polluted molecules results in permanent oxidation and a conversion of the grease and odour molecules into harmless compounds, such as water vapour and carbon dioxide.


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