LogiCool from Airedale

LogiCool, a new generation of free-cooling, R410A, packaged chillers has been launched by Airedale to provide an expandable, energy efficient solution for cooling the ever increasing heat loads of high density servers.
Specifically designed to be matched with direct rack cooling solutions from leading rack producers, LogiCool can also be linked to Airedale and other manufacturers’ airside cooling systems in business critical technical areas.

As a highly efficient free-cooling chiller, LogiCool can significantly reduce whole life cycle costs by providing a unique, simultaneous mechanical / free-cooling solution. The free-cooling operates with as little as 1ºC differential between ambient and return fluid temperatures.

Available in 20kW and 40kW cooling modules, with a single DX circuit, LogiCool is configured for outside installation, thereby freeing up valuable indoor space. Its compact footprint (from 1.5m²) and modular design allow close, side-by-side positioning. Additional chillers can be designed in and simply added on as cooling load increases. LogiCool offers flexible, multi-rack cooling by an individual unit or by a number of units with run/standby and optional sequencing capability.

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