Lochinvar wall-hung gas-fired boilers provide retrofit solutions

We are approaching the time of year when boiler plant upgrades are carried out in wide range of commercial and industrial buildings. Wall or frame mounted boilers are well established as an efficient and economical solution; they can help to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in lower running costs and lower carbon emissions.

Installations of 2, 3 or 4 boiler installations are extremely popular and in addition to the efficiency benefits, this type of installation provides built-in redundancy in the event of component failure.

Lochinvar provide two wall-hung boiler ranges as follows:-


Available in 6 models, the CPM range provides outputs from 53 to 160kW based upon 80º/60ºC system design; a compact 4-boiler installation can therefore provide up to 640kW output.

Key features of the CPM range include:-

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Burner modulation with 4:1 turndown
  • Integral A-rated pump
  • Integral controls including cascade management

For further information on the CPM wall hung boiler range, see here https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/cpm-boilers/


EFB outputs range from 79 to 140kW based upon 80º/60ºC system design; NOx emissions are below 24mg/kWh on all 4 models, making EFB one of the few boilers on the market which qualify for BREEAM credits.

Other key features include:-

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Burner modulation with 5:1 turndown
  • Can operate at Delta T (ΔT) of up to 30ºC
  • Integral controls including cascade management

Further details are available here https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/efb/

Boiler ancillary equipment

In addition to frames and pipework header assemblies, Lochinvar can also provide a range of boiler ancillaries, including matched boiler pumps, low loss headers, heating plate separators, boiler expansion kits pressurisation units and a range of cost-effective flue options


CPM and EFB and ancillary items are usually ex-stock Banbury, Oxon and can be delivered to most areas of the UK within two working days

For further information contact your local, Lochinvar Area Sales Manager https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/contact/sales-team/

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