Lochinvar puts NOx emissions to the sword

Boiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a new range of low NOx, fully condensing gas-fired water heaters aimed at small commercial and large residential projects.

EcoSword is available in nine models with storage capacities ranging from 163 to 388 litres and with rapid hot water recovery rates from 210 to 540 litres per hour based on a temperature rise of 50°C. As a result, this technology represents a cost-effective option for end users looking to use condensing technology in smaller hot water demand applications.

The ‘cold zone’ heat exchanger design ensures that the unit operates in condensing mode as much as possible and, along with its fully modulating pre-mix burner, this allows it to achieve seasonal efficiencies of up to 98.2% (Building Regulations) and water heater efficiency of up to 94% (ErP)

All models are WRAS certified and ‘A’ rated under the ErP Energy Labelling legislation.

With air quality also an increasingly important consideration for specifiers, EcoSword boasts NOx emissions below 37 mg/kWh across the range and, therefore, each model qualifies for the maximum three BREEAM points available.

The units are compact enough for installation in the most restricted spaces and there is no clearance required at the rear of the unit and minimal clearances of only 50mm at the side and 100mm in front. Also, all of the components can be accessed from the front of the unit to make maintenance easier.

EcoSword’s storage vessels are built from enameled steel and include a Correx system, which protects the vessel from the effects of electrolytic action, but requires less maintenance than traditional magnesium anodes.

The storage vessel is supported by a three-year warranty; is fully insulated and jacketed; and has low standing losses.

“For a company that is more readily identified with large commercial projects, EcoSword is an important addition to our range,” said Lochinvar’s managing director David Pepper. “Condensing hot water technology has not always been financially viable for some smaller projects, but with this development we are making higher efficiency, low NOx solutions available to a wider cross-section of the market.”


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