Lochinvar launches ultra-low NOx boilers

Lochinvar has introduced a new range of wall-hung, gas-fired, high efficiency condensing boilers that produce an extremely low level of NOx emissions. They incorporate a high quality stainless steel heat exchanger, which is supported by a new ‘Five plus Five’ extended warranty.

NOx emissions from the company’s new EFB gas-fired condensing range are lower than 24mg/kWh, which the company believes to be the lowest level produced by any commercial wall hung boiler currently available on the UK market. As a result, all EFB models qualify for the maximum two credits awarded for air quality on BREEAM-rated projects.

The new ‘Five plus Five’ warranty covers the heat exchanger, which will be replaced free of charge in the first five years of operating life in the event of a manufacturer’s fault. Thereafter the warranty moves onto a sliding scale where 60% of the cost of replacement will be covered in the sixth year; 40% in years seven and eight, so on down to 20 per cent in the ninth and tenth.

This latest addition to the extensive Lochinvar boiler range has four models offering outputs from 85 to 151kW driven by high efficiency condensing technology. The heat exchanger is constructed from high quality stainless steel, which has excellent resistance to corrosion, and will operate at working pressures of up to six bar.

EFB boilers can be either wall or frame mounted and, at only 440mm wide and 539mm deep, provide a compact, space-saving solution for commercial, industrial and large residential buildings.


Up to 16 of these boilers can be installed in a cascade system to provide maximum flexibility and operating reliability in larger projects. EFB cascade mounting frame assemblies are also lower than 1.8m in height, which is very helpful for both installation and maintenance, particularly in plant rooms with restricted height and access.

All four models have integral controls, which include cascade operation, with or without BMS connection. They will manage the cascade system, boiler operation and pumps as well as the cylinder temperature.

“These boilers are a crucial addition to our product range,” says Lochinvar sales director, Liam Elmore. “Reducing NOx emissions is an increasingly important consideration for specifiers as the air quality debate intensifies and we are delighted to launch such a high performing product.

“Reliability and longevity also remain key drivers for engineers and clients so we are happy to demonstrate our confidence in this new boiler by giving it such generous warranty support.”


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