Lochinvar launches new range

Lochinvar has launched the TT range of high efficiency condensing water heaters and boilers.

The TT is available as a heating boiler, or as a dedicated direct gas-fired water heater. Twin modulating pre-mix burners and a triple pass heat exchanger are the design principles of this product which operates at efficiencies of up to 97% (gross).

In addition, the wide range of control options available provides real potential to reduce fuel consumption and consequently carbon emissions and fuel bills. Low NOx emissions make the new TT range a more environmentally friendly choice. 

The TT’s triple pass heat exchanger provides high output from a compact design and is constructed from stainless steel. 

Boiler models can provide heat outputs of 411 and 580 kW based upon a system design of 50/30°C and the water heater versions offer recovery rates of 8,168 and 11,334 litres per hour based upon a 50°C temperature rise. 

David Pepper, Managing Director of Lochinvar, said: “The addition of the TT products incorporates the best elements of our existing design and provides further choice and options for projects with higher heating and/or hot water demand.”


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