Lochinvar launches low NOx replacement water heaters

Lochinvar has developed a low NOx emission version of its popular Charger direct gas-fired commercial water heaters to help contractors and end users meet air quality targets.

Charger fast recovery water heaters have been a fixture of the UK market for more than 40 years and have been used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. As a result, there is now a growing market for replacements.

Lochinvar has been developing low NOx burners for some years to help improve air quality.  Incorporating this technology into the new Charger units has the added benefit of helping the market meet new maximum NOx limits imposed on direct gas-fired water heaters last year by the revised ErP regulations.

The new Charger Low NOx range consists of three models, with storage capacities ranging from 294 to 328 litres and hot water recovery rates from 850 to 1600 litres/hour. NOx emissions are between 33mg/kWh and 45mg/kWh depending on model – comfortably below the 56mg/kWh maximum stipulated by the new regulations.

Highest output
The largest model – at almost 90kW output – will deliver 1,600 litres of hot water per hour at a temperature rise of 50ºC. This is, by some distance, the highest output water heater of its type available in the UK.

Each of the three models can replace any manufacturer’s comparable atmospheric water heaters and comes with the option of low-level draught diverters to ease the installation process.

Charger water heaters are built using an enamel-lined steel storage vessel, enabling them to operate at pressures of up to 8 bar. Each vessel includes sacrificial magnesium anodes to provide cathodic protection and the burner sits at the base of the unit. The use of baffled flue ways improves heat transfer and provides fast hot water recovery. A multifunctional control valve incorporates flame failure safety, operating thermostat and high limit thermostat.

“Providing low NOx versions of some of our most popular water heaters is essential to give contractors and end users choice and flexibility,” said Lochinvar sales director Liam Elmore. “When it comes to replacing ageing units, we will always encourage users to switch to higher efficiency condensing water heaters, but often this will not be an option.

“For example, replacing the flue system can be complicated, disruptive and expensive depending on the type or layout of the building.  Therefore, often the most convenient and cost-effective way to replace an old non-condensing water heater is with a similar product and, by offering low NOx versions we can ensure customers also comply with ErP legislation and the UK’s wider ambition to improve air quality.”

Lochinvar introduced a low NOx version of its equally popular Knight range last year. Both Knight and Charger low NOx water heaters are held in stock at Lochinvar’s Banbury headquarters making delivery available to most areas of the UK within two working days.


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