Lochinvar heat pumps ready for low carbon challenge

The case for installing heat pumps to provide heating and hot water solutions for commercial systems is becoming stronger and stronger, and this trend is likely to continue in 2020.

Reducing carbon is the main driver but heat pump systems can also provide better efficiencies and lower fuel costs when compared with systems that are more traditional. Most of the commercial projects to date have been on new developments but there are now more possibilities to install heat pump systems on retrofit projects.

Lochinvar have invested in the heat pump concept for a number of years; in fact, it was 2008 when we supplied our first integrated heat pump and gas-fired water heater package for a small hotel/restaurant project. The take-up of heat pumps in commercial projects has been slow until 2019 when we saw a significant increase in terms of orders, specifications and enquiries

There are many ways in which heat pumps can provide heating and hot water solutions and Lochinvar offers a number of different heat pump types, giving us the opportunity to propose the most suitable equipment based upon the specific project. Our heat pump product portfolio includes air and water source models in addition to gas absorption heat pumps, as follows:-

Amicus HT

Suitable for LTHW and DHW applications, HT models can operate at temperatures of up to 63ºC. They are suitable for heating and/or hot water applications. Heating capacities range from 7.7 to 110.5Kw and provide COP of up to 4.4, based upon EN14511

Amicus LT

LT models are suitable for hybrid systems and when integrated with Amicus HT or Amicus Boost heat pumps, or high efficiency gas-fired boilers and water heaters, they provide a flexible, low carbon and cost effective solution for heating and/or hot water applications. They offer heating capacities of up to 464Kw and COP, based upon EN14511, of up to 4.6.

Amicus Boost

With heating capacities of up to 496kW, Amicus Boost water-to-water heat pumps can utilise waste heat from a variety of heat recovery systems and are an ideal companion to the LT range. A key feature of Boost units is their ability to provide LTHW at temperatures of up to 78ºC and are suitable for installation in many retrofit heating and hot water applications. COP of up to 4.94 is achievable based upon EN14511

Optimus Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

Operating at gas efficiencies of up to 152% gross, Optimus units provide a low carbon solution where gas is the fuel of choice. Indoor and outdoor models are available, both of which have a nominal output of 38.3Kw. They offer continual operation, even when in defrost mode

Our experience with heat pump systems has shown us that ‘hybrid system packages’ are often a preferred solution and we can supply heat pump packages, including our established products such as our high efficiency gas-fired boilers and water heaters. We can also provide a range of thermal stores. Watch out for news of a new range of electric storage-type water heaters in the very near future; these products when combined with our Amicus heat pumps, will enable us to provide an all-electric water heating solution.

We provide excellent levels of pre and after sales support with our heat pump solutions, including pre-installation site assistance Our area-based sales team are gearing up for another busy heat pump year, and will be happy to assist with any potential projects; please see here for details of your local contact:

Amicus air source heat pumps https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/amicus-air-source-heat-pumps/
Optimus gas absorption heat pumps https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/optimus-gas-absorption-heat-pumps/
Lochinvar sales contacts https://lochinvar.ltd.uk/contact/sales-team/

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