Lochinvar feels the force

Lochinvar has announced the arrival of its new EcoForce+ range of high efficiency, gas-fired condensing water heaters. The EcoForce+ range is comprised of three models which feature a stainless steel heat exchanger and a stainless steel water tank, giving durability and resistance to corrosion caused by electrolytic action. Inter-connecting pipework and a shunt pump are also included as standard.
Lochinvar says one significant feature of EcoForce+ is the patented cold water injection system which enables almost continual condensing mode operation, providing maximum performance for the user and up to 108% net thermal efficiency.

Storage capacities are 150 and 230 litres and hot water recovery rates run from 628 to 950 litres per hour, based upon a temperature rise of 44°C.

Available for use on natural gas or LPG, EcoForce+ is suitable for room sealed or open flue installation. Horizontal and vertical balanced flue assemblies together with 45 and 90 degree bends are available offering the flexibility for the specifier and installer.

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