Lochinvar extends range

Lochinvar has extended its range of LZC solutions, with the introduction of an air source heat pump range as part of its renewable packages.

Six air source heat pumps are available with outputs ranging from 4kW to 16kW. The heat pump unit is sited externally and ambient air is used to supply pre-heated feed water for the selected Lochinvar high efficiency gas-fired water heater, providing reductions in fuel consumption, saving both money and carbon emissions

Air source heat pumps are fully weatherproofed units and easy to install. No refrigeration pipework is required, just a hot water circuit connection and a single phase power supply. The user interface controller ensures easy management of the system, offering clear and simple instructions.

Heat pump efficiency is often referred to as Co-efficient of Performance (COP) with up to 4:1 being available on air source models. This means the unit will generate up to 4kW of output for every 1kW input.  Although water temperatures of up to 55°C are achievable, COP is usually at its best when providing water temperatures of around 35°C. 


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