LION provides power

LION is a powerful new controller for HVAC control and energy management from CentraLine by Honeywell. Its unique ‘Click and Go’ concept dramatically reduces the time and cost of HVAC system installation and commissioning.

LION comprises a technically advanced, freely programmable control module and a set of specially designed input/output modules. All feature an innovative new way of installing, wiring and commissioning.
LION is a significant addition to the versatile product portfolio available through CentraLine Partner companies. These are experienced, independent control system specialists, trained regularly at a dedicated training centre.

LION features twice the memory capacity of the popular Honeywell Excel 500 controller, giving CentraLine Partner companies more flexibility to design and control complex applications. It can perform a huge range of energy management functions, including optimum start/stop, night purge and maximum load demand.

Installers can set up and commission a LION controller in minutes, thanks to a patented new Panel Bus concept designed by Honeywell. The simple ‘Click and Go’ concept allows fast DIN rail installation in a panel, or distributed placement in the building using LonWorks, the global communications standard.

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