Lighting gets brighter

The new Intelligence light fitting from Chalmor combines the long, efficient life and high light output of the company’s popular Brilliance range with built-in occupancy and light level controls to ensure even greater efficiency and long life.
By incorporating controls in this way Intelligence makes it much easier to adjust the lighting in relation to demand. For example, the fitting can be set to only come on when the space is occupied, or to dim when natural daylight is entering the space. In this way energy consumption is minimised without the need for complex, expensive lighting management systems. Furthermore, it has been designed to be very easy to configure and re-configure without specialist skills.
Even without its integral controls the Intelligence will provide an operating life of 24,000 hours before the 4 x 54W T5 fluorescent lamps need to be replaced. Where required, the fittings can be supplied with long-life Ultra lamps to provide a lamp life of 48,000 hours.
Intelligence is particularly suitable for areas requiring high lighting levels.
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