Lighting controls with hub

Simmtronic has developed a new hardwired hub for its proprietary SPEC3 systems driving DALI technology. Ideal for riser mounting, the new SPH.23 DALI Hardwired Hub enhances the SPECS3 lighting control system to provide DALI control to hardwired installations such as stairwells, cloakrooms, lobbies and corridors.
Designed for use specifically with DALI ballasts and, in the case of emergency luminaires, a DALI inverter, all control is achieved digitally. As there is no switching of power circuits, the hardwired lighting circuits can be wired directly from the distribution board circuit breaker.

This advanced hardwired hub unit provides two DALI drivers to reduce delays and minimise the chance of losing all control should a bus fault occur. Each driver can control half the loading of 40 DALI ballasts or transformers and 20 emergency inverters. It incorporates built-in E-Bus drivers that can accommodate 24 function devices, e.g. presence detectors and switches. The unit is controlled using an advanced message format that includes error detection and self-correction, using SPECS3 M-Bus single unscreened twisted pair cable.

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