Lighting controls for One Exchange Square

Simmtronic was recently commissioned by electrical contractor Phoenix Electrical to supply its SPECS3 lighting control systems for a refurbishment project at One Exchange Square – an impressive 12 storey office building on the Broadgate Estate in the City of London. The building has recently been acquired by KanAm Grund, one of Germany’s leading fund managers for open ended real estate funds and asset manager of international real estate investments.
Luminaires on the ten refurbished floors of this 385,000 sq ft. building are being controlled under DALI protocol by Simmtronic systems, using Tridonic ballasts. For convenience and ease of maintenance the customer wanted to avoid all sub-addressing, so throughout the building Simmtronic’s nine output LCMs have been installed and configured to one luminaire per port. The DALI controls feature ballast and lamp failure error feedback capability to alert facilities and maintenance staff to replacement requirements. The Simmtronic lighting control scheme also monitors emergency lighting via current sensing devices installed within the emergency luminaires.

For energy saving, the perimeter lights in the building feature daylight linking, giving controlled dimming in response to daylight penetration. The cellular offices have manual on / absence off controls.

Lighting control in the large open plan areas is predominantly presence based and Simmtronic has provided a gateway to telephone switching, allowing occupants to have some personal control over the lighting above their own workstation. Through the telephone on their desk they can switch their luminaires on or off and operate dimming functions.

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