LightCrimp splice technology

LightCrimp splice technology is a new rapid, easy-to-use technique for splicing optical fibres in communications networks. It comes from the Enterprise Networks business unit of Tyco Electronics which is also known for the AMP Netconnect products.

The new technique saves time and reduces installation costs by allowing users to terminate single optical fibres in less than a minute, with a few simple tools and limited training, by simply stripping the cable, cleaving the fibre and carrying out the crimp operation. There is no need for epoxy, special set-up procedures or workstations.

The technique is ideal for use with low-fibre count cables, and the same LightCrimp splice is used for both single-mode and multimode 125 µm diameter fibres.

LightCrimp splices provide rugged, miniaturised form-factor splices that are of a quality, dependability and performance that rivals that of fusion splices.

LightCrimp splices have been tested in accordance with IEC 61300 procedures, with an operating temperature range extending from -25°C to +70°C. They have also been designed to meet TIA 568-C.3, IEC 61753 Cat +U, and EN optical requirements.

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