Light up with LED’s

New Spike LED light columns from EcoLEDLighting and Holophane Europe are being used to promote accessibility and safety for users and visitors to Milton Keynes Hospital. Located in a park close to the hospital, the custom-built fittings deliver enhanced light levels on pathways as well as significantly improving sightlines for pedestrians visiting the hospital and nearby public transport terminus.

The project to improve safety and access around the hospital was undertaken by Milton Keynes Council who had become concerned that people were making unnecessary diversions because the main pathways were badly lit in places. WSP were commissioned to undertake a redesign and upgrade of the existing lighting arrangements. They chose a bespoke column fitting from local lighting manufacturer Holophane, who cleverly integrated EcoLEDLighting’s cutting-edge, energy saving LED technology into a one-off design that perfectly matches looks and performance.

Installed by electrical contractor Aylesbury Mains of Milton Keynes the eye-catching lights also link well with the green LED luminaires used in the nearby subway and steps to allow pedestrians to follow a well lit path to, and around, the hospital.

The new Spike LED light columns used technology and components developed for EcoLEDLighting’s ECOLED-16 luminaires. The ECOLED-16 has been tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) for performance and product life making its LED light engine and optics the Ideal choice for the Spike LED light columns. 

The ECOLED-16 is a UK manufactured luminaire that is low maintenance, low energy and offers excellent TCO (total cost of ownership) – all backed up by the reassurance of a six year warranty and 100,000 hours LED lifetime.

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