LIGHT FIELDS III – the master of the visual task

LIGHT FIELDS III from Zumtobel Lighting is the third generation of the LIGHT FIELDS family and features a minimalist frameless design with the latest lighting technology (MPO+) that make this luminaire ideal for use in many prestigious areas. LIGHT FIELDS III is available in various mounting options; surface, recessed, pendant and free standing, each option includes Zumtobel’s unique micropyramdial optic (MPO+). The MPO+ refracts the light in a very defined and specific way creating perfectly controlled light beams which result in the perfect balance between diffused and directional light. This allows the LIGHTFIELDS III family to have high lumen packages which ensure rooms are exceptional well lit, but with optimal glare control.

The recessed version can be used in clusters to create islands of light in meeting areas, entrances and open-plan offices, flooding the rooms with light thanks to the extraordinarily high luminous efficiency, whilst creating an ideal working environment. To avoid a cave effect in low-ceilinged rooms, the surface-mounted option with its circumferential indirect share produces a floating effect. Superbly manufactured invisible perforations also ensure homogeneous illumination of the surface.

The separately controllable direct and indirect illumination of the pendant LIGHT FIELDS III allows greater freedom and options in the light planning for a building. The wide-angle, continuous bat-wing light distribution brightens ceilings uniformly, even with short pendant lengths. The free-standing luminaire is slim and discreet, making it infinitely suitable for flexible room layouts. In addition, the separately controllable direct and indirect light allows for personalisation of the workplace lighting.

The emergency lighting function can be integrated to create a uniform ceiling appearance, separate additional emergency luminaires are therefore no longer required. LIGHT FIELDS III blends perfectly into surrounding décor and delivers the perfect lighting quality for offices, healthcare and educational establishments.



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